So, I’m moving

Buh-bye, Farmhouse. I’m moving out at the end of the month, the last of the Core Four to depart your hallowed walls. It’s been a long time—four years, pretty much the sum total of the time I’ve lived in Vancouver.

Now the question is: what happens to the blog?


Video: The Flower

The Flower contrasts a utopian society that freely farms and consumes a pleasure-giving flower with a society where the same flower is illegal and its consumption is prohibited.

(Stolen from the Georgia Straight.)

First of all, my extreme apologies to the followers of the Farmhouse Blog. I’ve been … busy. Lots of fun life stuff. Haven’t spent more than three nights at the house in the past two weeks. Consequently I’m ridiculously behind on an update! But the garden is looking a-maz-ing and I will take pictures as soon as I can.

But until then, I’ve got a few links for your reading pleasure!


Is vegetarianism always worse for the environment? The bacon lovers and the soy huggers square off.


Cycling is sexy. Don’t deny it; it’s true. Mmm, sexy cycler ass.


Print this list out. The foods at the top are the most pesticide-free while the ones at the bottom are not. Food closer to the bottom has the most risk of being coated with chemicals and it’s recommended you buy organic versions whenever possible. (Check out your local farmers’ market for them!) The Farmhouse has a similar checklist hanging in our kitchen.


Alright. That’s it. Short and sweet. Hope you are all having beautiful summers!

Much Farmhouse love!

No offense, but am I the only one who isn’t surprised that a whale died? Like, is there any sort of surprise that humans can’t take care of these mammals? My outrage is solely because we still keep these creatures in aquariums as spectacle. You think it would have gotten a penny lodged in its blowhole if it wasn’t in captivity?

Poor whales.

And humans? We’re the worst.

Hmm, this week is turning into “Let’s shit on Vancouver” week. I wonder what I’ll come up with tomorrow …

The Vancouver Sun‘s got a great new database of the salaries of private and public sector employees across the province. Most of these numbers truly disgust me.

Just in case anyone’s curious, Mrs. Carlene Robbins from the Property Use Inspection branch at City Hall got paid $98,076 last year. And that’s down 7.2 percent from her 2007 salary of $105,690.

Of course, that pales in comparison to the city manager, who made an appalling $568,448.

Stay classy, City of Vancouver.

R.I.P. Kiko

Our beloved Kiko passed away last night. He was 15.


Kiko and Max enjoy some snuggle time.


Part cat, part demon? Nah, just a big suck.


What? You can't open your own cans of food? Get some thumb, kitten-pants!

Sorry for missing last week’s update, cats and kittens. Sometimes there are just not enough hours in the week for me to get everything done! But to make it up to you, you get two super-double-plus-awesome posts today.


I sat down for a brainstorm with the housemates the other day (okay, it was like two weeks ago) about just what’s been going on at the Farmhouse. Here’s the latest from the team:


  • the potatoes are getting huge … they sprouted in the pantry over the winter
  • Ander and Sara built a new trellis with peas in the back
  • drying kale for seed
  • lots of sprouts in the greenhouse
  • there’s a new container garden on the patio (it’s so amazing, need pictures!)
  • planted corn, squash, and beets along the side fence
  • lots of cut flowers for the house
  • borage and touch-me-nots are sprouting everywhere there’s bare soil
  • seriously, if you want a borage plant, let us know
  • Sara developed a kickass recipe for hot sauce based on things in our garden (TOP SECRET)
  • parsnips are ready to be harvested
  • mint is recovering after being transplanted (I did that!)
  • there’s a new dish line on the counter made of two kinds of tape … if the dishes cross it, you wash the dishes … if it’s not kept to Max’s standards, then he’ll take away the nice pots; if we keep it up, Max will make tasty treats
  • lots of group eatings, including impromptu brunch one lovely Saturday and a house dinner yesterday
  • quinoa and lentils sprouting right now
  • discussed the correct pronounciation of quinoa (which, in the Farmhouse, is kee-NO-wah)
  • harvested the burdock root … it’s surprisingly tasty according to the roomies, “sort of artichoke-y”
  • scavenged some stuff from a house that was torn down on our block, including an old-school oven that Sara’s going to convert into an outdoor cooking surface


Yeah, life at the Farmhouse is kicking ass and taking names.


This week in the links, MAIN STREET CAR FREE DAY! It’s one of several car-free events happening in Vancouver on June 20, but it’s the closest one to our house. They’ll be shutting down Main from 33rd to 16th from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. The organizers are still looking for volunteers so if you’ve nothing else to do on Father’s Day, consider helping out a good cause.


Great news out of California: the state assembly has voted to ban single-use plastic bags in retail stores! It’s not officially law yet until it’s passed by the state Senate, but it’s looking like a done deal. California currently uses 19 BILLION single-use plastic bags each year. San Francisco has been plastic-bag-free since 2007.

In light of the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster—now the worst in U.S. history (if not the world)—I’ll take any eco-friendly victory I can get.