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Image shamelessly stolen from the article's source. Please don't sue me. I don't have any money. I don't even have bees.

Google has an official beekeeper? Now that’s pretty cool.

Dripping honey from his hands, from his white, sting-retardant bee suit and even from his face, he looked like a giant, slightly deranged Pooh Bear. He also looked happy. As he stood in one of the cafes on the search giant’s Mountain View campus, Tomaszewski held a jar of the golden nectar from Google’s first honey harvest.

Totally awesome. And I completely miss having bees.


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This Tuesday links thing is actually helping me stay on top of this blog. However, it’s making me extremely lazy in regards to documenting actual Farmhouse activities. And there are things of sorts going on.


We graffito-d Sam’s room. He lives in the pink-and-purple room that we non-affectionately refer to as “Easter Island” (because it’s like living inside an Easter egg). It’s almost a rite of passage for Farmhouse animals to take a turn in that room. I lasted nearly a year in it.

Anyway, we drew on his walls. A lot. It’s charming in a punk sort of way.


Ander’s making lye in the greenhouse, which I now realize explains why he was collecting the ashes from the fireplace. What he’s using it for, well, that remains a mystery … soap? It’s probably for soap. All I know for sure is that the greenhouse kind of smells funky.

Rin got back from Mexico safe and sound but could only stay in the big city one night before heading back to her hippie wonderland. I will see if I can chase down some photos of her trip, mostly because I’m dying to see them myself.

And now, the links!

Streets of Plenty: a documentary in seven parts that takes “an unprecedented look into the underworld of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside ghetto”. I haven’t watched it yet but if I post it here, perhaps I will remember to. That reminds me, I also have to watch Carts of Darkness.

Scary news from Vancouver Island: beekeepers are noting that up to 90 percent of the island’s honeybee population has died off during the winter due to a parasite. The effect this will have on spring pollination has yet to be determined and many farmers have so few bees that they are unable to sell any to other aviaries.

B.C. consumers invest in local food producers through community-supported agriculture: From farm to plate is an oft-spouted and great concept, but is shortening the distance between where our food comes from and our dinner tables realistic?

And for fun, the song that our house is named after: “Farmhouse” by Phish.

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