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This is Sky (Skye?) but I think Sky is a bit of an obvious name for a grey cat so I’ve been calling her “Pi”, which she seems to respond to. I also refer to her as Princess, or Babycat, or Catface, or whatever else comes into my head at any particular moment. She’s adorable and she doesn’t seem to be too much for our allergy sufferers to take. She’s no Goose but she’s pretty special in her own way. She must have been the runt of her litter because she was extra tiny when we got her (despite having had two litters already) but she’s been fixed and she’s starting to fatten up a little bit. She’s also far too fast for my camera; mostly all I can get is a grey blob but these two turned out alright.

Here’s one of her hiding in the craft room:


Seriously, cutest kitty ever.


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