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Hallo hallo!

This blog’s been started as our crazy household is in a bit of a transition. There are departing roommates to say our goodbyes to, new roommates to welcome, a garden that’s ready to see the sunshine, the ending of scholastic pursuits, and the entire summer stretched out before us – you know, the usual topsy-turviness that always seems to come in the spring! As House Archivist, I felt that it was about time that we started documenting the abundance around us and to share the projects upon which the members of the house are embarking.

My newest roommates have been taking some beautiful food photos, which I am very desirous to share on this here Internet. I’m trying to encourage them to write out recipes as well but in a house where nothing is made the same way twice, that might be some time in coming. A lot of the food we’ve been eating lately is a product of dumpster diving (or as we like to say, dumpster thriving) and we’re learning lots about the process along the way, so stay tuned for tips, tricks, and perhaps a bit of a guide as to where one should go diving in Vancouver. As well, we have a beautiful market garden thriving in our front yard, which definitely needs to be documented. I’m surprised at how quickly the little plantlings are growing! There may also be details about craft projects; there are a couple of avid knitters and crocheters in the house, and we also have a sewing machine dying to see the light of day.

With this blog, I’m hoping we can dispel the myth that we live in a world of scarcity. It seems that everyone is so afraid of not having enough – enough food, money, love, whatever – that they horde what they have, cutting themselves off from the community around them. However, if we all share what we have, there will be more than enough for everyone.

The truth is that we live in a world of abundance.

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Tiny pies!Dumpster abundance

More dumpster abundanceTomatos and flowers


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