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From the Globe and Mail: Waste-collecting cyclists put a new spin on recycling

ReCYCLISTS is the green vision of two trash-talking men, Aaron Bichard, 34, and Jason Adams, 36.

For Mr. Bichard, a committed cyclist who grew up in a funky Okanagan home where he “ate carob instead of chocolate,” nimble bikes are the answer to downtown waste collection for small businesses.

So three years ago in Duncan, B.C., he started a business where traditional recyclable materials are picked up by bike.

Looking to Victoria’s dense downtown, he realized the capital could be well-served by bikes that can wheel into spots unsuited to bigger vehicles.

Mr. Adams approached garbage from another angle.

While a University of Victoria student, he worked for a garbage-collection company that “made good money at the expense of the landfill.”

With three trips a day, Mr. Adams saw how quickly the dump was being filled, even with material that had value.

“There were commodities worth chasing,” he said.

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First of all, my extreme apologies to the followers of the Farmhouse Blog. I’ve been … busy. Lots of fun life stuff. Haven’t spent more than three nights at the house in the past two weeks. Consequently I’m ridiculously behind on an update! But the garden is looking a-maz-ing and I will take pictures as soon as I can.

But until then, I’ve got a few links for your reading pleasure!


Is vegetarianism always worse for the environment? The bacon lovers and the soy huggers square off.


Cycling is sexy. Don’t deny it; it’s true. Mmm, sexy cycler ass.


Print this list out. The foods at the top are the most pesticide-free while the ones at the bottom are not. Food closer to the bottom has the most risk of being coated with chemicals and it’s recommended you buy organic versions whenever possible. (Check out your local farmers’ market for them!) The Farmhouse has a similar checklist hanging in our kitchen.


Alright. That’s it. Short and sweet. Hope you are all having beautiful summers!

Much Farmhouse love!

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