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So astute readers will notice there is now a tab at the top of this here blog linking to the Farmhouse Dictionary. This is by no means the full list of words, phrases, and names heard around the Farmhouse but it’s a start. I promise semi-regular updates!

Rin was in town last night so ten of us Farmhouse and honourary Farmhouse animals made the trek up to All-India Sweets for the $11 vegetarian buffet. Every time Rin’s in town these days, all she wants to do is consume massive amounts of curry … and who are we to refuse such an indulgence? Afterward, we trekked back to the house for imbibing and music making. Then we all went to bed by 11 p.m. We might be animals and hippies, but some of us have full-time jobs!

I must get batteries for the camera as I have many things to photograph, including the state of the garden in winter, Ander’s new Farmhouse tin can marquee project, the hilarious decorations in our bathrooms, and one very ugly paint scheme that’s going to be painted over.


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So, whilst conducting my semi-annual room clean last night, I came across a gem of a project that Rin, Caterina, and I started three years ago: The Farmhouse Dictionary, a compendium of all the words, phrases, and nicknames commonly used around the house. Most of them are slang terms from Caterina but we’ve all contributed a little.

I swear to the house fairies that I will get this typed up and posted in the next week. There is definitely some comedy gold in there!

Fun non-dictionary-related fact: Between the four roommates who enjoy adult beverages, we can ring up a $74 bar tab in one night. Tsk tsk. So now we’re crafting a plan to brew our own ale! Our last roommate was a brewer and she made some delicious home brew. We just need some equipment and a reliable source of hops …

Rin made some delicious (but sludgy) blackberry mead before she left and we were gonna drink it on the Winter Solstice but someone (*cough* Max *cough*) may have drank it before we got a chance.

What else is on the Farmhouse’s future agenda? Chickens!

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