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From the Georgia Straight:

What if you woke up one day and found that the world as you knew it had ceased to exist? It’s a thought that has probably crossed the minds of many and perhaps been quickly dismissed by most as silly.

For Brennan Wauters, this prospect is real. That’s why he’s preparing for what he describes as a “collapse”.

From Wauters’s perspective, the game changer is peak oil. He believes that in the past five years, the world has reached the point of maximum production of oil, and that the supply of this fuel source is on the decline. One day, the pumps may run dry.

But the 42-year-old Vancouver man is not the type to hunker in a bunker. He isn’t storing food, buying gold, or stocking up on weapons to survive in a post-oil world.

“I’m more a survivalist in the sense that I think we have to be psychologically prepared,” Wauters said. “I concentrate on being able to do things with as little as possible. It’s also an exercise to me, like there’s many things that I could just go to the store for. But I deliberately take a harder route just to test my own capabilities, to give me confidence that whatever happens, everything will be fine.”

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Tuesday links

So I don’t have a bunch of new pictures or really any huge Farmhouse news but in the interest of not losing momentum on this here blog, I am introducing Tuesday article links. I’m going to try to focus on articles about living off the grid, doing stuff yourself, ethical and green living, and general societal mayhem.


After Katharine Hibbert lost her job and apartment, she decided to live a life without money.

This was more than enough – the longer I went without buying things, the fewer things I wanted. Four months after I left my job and flat, it was my birthday. Friends and family asked what I wanted. I struggled to think of anything.


Vancouver designer Natalie Purschwitz is spending the next year only wearing clothing she’s crafted herself.


Making a Living in MakerCulture—how DIY folks make their way in modern society. Part of an ongoing series at the Tyee.


Also, if you’re into Twitter, you can follow me (@charenton_). I suggested to the house that we start a Farmhouse Twitter account but all I got in response were eyerolls.


Oh, I lied. Here’s a picture for y’all, inspired by the Farmhouse Dictionary.

That is indeed what she said.

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