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Sorry to overwhelm everyone with photos today but I wanted to post some happy ones in the hope they’d cheer me up. I spent hours crying last night and have remained in a foul mood all day, but these pics are full of joy and light. Hope you enjoy and have a beautiful weekend; maybe we’ll see you out on Sunday!

Pretty, pretty yarden.

Things are growing!

This is our wheelbarrow.

Its wheel is the worst.

Oh, hey there onions.

The refurbished fairy altar.

Yes, that cactus's name is Quagmire.

Seriously, please do.

Sara rocks it out.

My double chin and I are way too cool for school.

And now it's Max's turn to play us a tune.

Max and the illusive Sam chill on the steps.

Ander works way harder than I do.

Our yarden has hidden flowers everywhere.

We don't always play guitar. Sometimes we drink beer, too.


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This post brought to you by the colour yellow and the letter kale. Wait, kale's not a letter ...

Our phone has been ringing off the hook with calls from people enthusiastic about the garden and wanting to help. We’ve also had many, many curious people just stopping by (or driving by slowly), including a woman earlier in the week who came all the way out from UBC with her little baby on an adventure. So much love.

To that end, we’ve arranged some times that Ander and Sara will be available to give tours, drop off donations, or just talk permaculture. Tour the garden! See the greenhouse! Meet Garden Buddha! Make an offering at the fairy alter! Play with our decrepit cat!

Farmhouse Open House

Friday, April 30 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Sunday, May 2 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Address: 470 E. 56th Avenue (between Fraser and Main)


Here are some supplies we’d love for the garden if anyone has them lying around. Please keep in mind that we do not want money or anything bought new; we’re simply hoping these are things you’re looking to rid yourself of anyway!

Farmhouse Wish List

    • cardboard free of inks and tape
    • woodchips
    • old bricks with which to edge beds
    • a decent wheelbarrow
    • someone with a truck willing to donate a couple of hours of time to collect woodchips and/or go on a dump run (we can supply gas money and dump fees)

Hope to see you there!

Love from the Farmhouse Animals

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Rin, who happens to be the most sensible hippie I know, has opted to GTFO of Vancouver for a couple of months (hmmm, wonder why?) and head down south. She sent an e-mail update this morning, which I am reposting here so we can all live vicariously through her!

* * * * *

hola familia!

greetings from the hot and steamy Costa Chica, the south pacific coast of Mexico in the state of Oaxaca. I’m at a spot called Playa Zipolite (thanks for the tip, Listabelle!), which is an old hippie town turned hippie tourist town, pretty quiet now that the Christmas rush is over. Camping on the beach is 40 pesos or about 3.75 a night, but so far i haven’t actually found anyone to take my money, so maybe it´s free! It’s the only sanctioned clothing-optional beach in Mexico as far as I know, so I plan to spend a few days relaxing away from the hostel-hopping circuit and the waxed-and-greased beach crowd.

The ride down yesterday from Puerto Escondido, about 90 k.m, was hot hot hot, and even with my SPF 30 sunscreen i have a couple of nice red spots on my legs… here we go with cyclist tan! Good times. By the end of this trip I bet I’ll have sunglasses and helmet chinstrap lines to match my bike shorts tan. It’s above 30 degrees here already and it’s only 9.40 in the morning, I can’t even imagine what it’s like here in summer. I’ll be glad to get up into the mountains and away from this stifling heat, it’s almost too much for my poor Canadian bones to handle. The landscape is hilly, and a mix of flowering trees of every description, coconut palms, and cacti in every shape and size. Many of the cacti are also flowering right now, so i took the excuse of looking at the flowers to take lots of breaks at the side of the road on my hot ride yesterday.

So far my favourite things about Mexico are:

1. Everything is pink! Pink flowers, pink rocks, pink buildings… pink of every description everywhere you go. My old pink room at the Farmhouse has nothing on the brilliant pinks I see everywhere here. Maybe I was Mexican in my last life, it would explain my deep and abiding love of the colour pink. I feel vindicated.

2. The buildings are beautiful, brightly coloured with lots of open courtyards and almost all have an extra floor on top that consists of a palapa on top of the flat roof for shade and breezes when it´s excessively hot (as opposed to now, when it’s only extremely hot). I love the colours, the decorations in the plaster and tiles, and the courtyards filled with flowering trees.

3. The days seem much longer here, for no reason I can discern. They just do. Further proof that time is neither linear nor static, as far as I can tell… although maybe it’s just that I came from short winter days to here where the days don’t really change much winter or summer. But I’m choosing to take it as proof of my theory that time does not exist.

4. There don’t seem to be any rules in Mexico. No stupid signs everywhere telling you what to do, no constant overregulation of everything in sight, and yet people seem to do just fine. Works for me!

Of course, my least favourite thing about Mexico is that none of you are here to share it with me. I miss you all, and will write again at the next stop. Love and be well!


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So, t’was Ander’s birthday last night and all through the house, Miranda was snapping pictures to put on the blog.

Click photos to enlarge.

My bedroom door.

Kiko, looking as handsome and blurry as ever.

Oh, we are so closed for the Olympics.

Farmhouse at night.

Who loves graffiti in the kitchen? We do!

The Farmhouse Safety Officer cautions you to only operate under the safest of conditions.

Phire photo phun!

You think that fire magically appeared? Heck no. Love the Farmhouse elves!

The famed Farmhouse Family height chart. Plus, bonus pic of me during my bald phase.

And one more piece of housekeeping: I’ve changed the blog settings so you can now post comments without needing to log in or even leave your name. But please do leave your name; we love to connect with family, friends, and fans!

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So astute readers will notice there is now a tab at the top of this here blog linking to the Farmhouse Dictionary. This is by no means the full list of words, phrases, and names heard around the Farmhouse but it’s a start. I promise semi-regular updates!

Rin was in town last night so ten of us Farmhouse and honourary Farmhouse animals made the trek up to All-India Sweets for the $11 vegetarian buffet. Every time Rin’s in town these days, all she wants to do is consume massive amounts of curry … and who are we to refuse such an indulgence? Afterward, we trekked back to the house for imbibing and music making. Then we all went to bed by 11 p.m. We might be animals and hippies, but some of us have full-time jobs!

I must get batteries for the camera as I have many things to photograph, including the state of the garden in winter, Ander’s new Farmhouse tin can marquee project, the hilarious decorations in our bathrooms, and one very ugly paint scheme that’s going to be painted over.

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Farmer Rin inspects the troops.

Well, she finally did it. Our illustrious Farmer Rin has departed the big city for greener pastures (literally) on the Sunshine Coast.

Our darling Rin was the last member of the original Farmhouse crew who moved into the house in 2005. Technically she left in November, but time at the Farmhouse moves at a rate different from the rest of reality (we creatively call it “Farmhouse Time”, although Ander quite steadfastly remains on normal time) so I’m only getting around to posting about it now.

(Also, there was this thing called “December”, during which I mentally checked out while consuming vast amounts of sugary baked goods and delicious holiday libations.)

She’s come back to the big, bad city a few times now to visit but is certain she’s made the right decision. She’s busy putting cob on her 8′ x 12′ cottage and making furniture for her wee dwelling these days—well, when she’s not hiking through the forest and generally making us jealous with her accounts of nature. (Nature? I remember that.) Rin has made me promise that as soon as I get knocked up that I’m moving out to the commune with her; trust me, she’ll be waiting for more than a while … but I’m certainly planning a big-city escape of my own!

Alright, since it’s a new year and all, I could promise to update this blog more but we all know that’s a pipe dream! But we’ll see if I post at least one entry a month from here on in :)

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This is Sky (Skye?) but I think Sky is a bit of an obvious name for a grey cat so I’ve been calling her “Pi”, which she seems to respond to. I also refer to her as Princess, or Babycat, or Catface, or whatever else comes into my head at any particular moment. She’s adorable and she doesn’t seem to be too much for our allergy sufferers to take. She’s no Goose but she’s pretty special in her own way. She must have been the runt of her litter because she was extra tiny when we got her (despite having had two litters already) but she’s been fixed and she’s starting to fatten up a little bit. She’s also far too fast for my camera; mostly all I can get is a grey blob but these two turned out alright.

Here’s one of her hiding in the craft room:


Seriously, cutest kitty ever.

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