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Okay, okay, she’s not OUR dog … she’s Rin’s new friend! Here’s the word from our Powell River correspondent:

hi family, meet my new little buddy! Kaya, this is everybody; everybody, this is Kaya! She is five and a half, and has lived her whole life in a teeny yard in Powell River with a family that almost never walked her off the leash; lucky for her, and for me, they can’t keep her any more, and now she lives here and gets to be a farm dog. so far her favourite things are playing in the pond and sleeping by the fire and inspecting everyone and everything within nose reach.

She is super smart and good tempered, so even though she hasn’t really had much training she listens well and has already learned how to stay out of the garden beds and come when she’s called. I think she chased off her first bear the other night, although I can’t be sure what she was barking at, could have just been raccoons, too. they’re all just chicken-stealers as far as I’m concerned :)

And what else has our Rin been doing? Oh, just a little thing called farming.

it gets more and more like a proper farm around here all the time. next up: chickens! and ducks! things are growing slowly with the cool spring, but it always comes eventually—it was 3 degrees here the night before last, brrrrr (that’s about 42, for those of you in
Americaland), and everyone says we’re about a month behind where we usually are. But the greenhouse is hopping, and in the next couple of weeks there will be corn, beans, squash, and buckwheat to plant. so here’s hoping for a long, hot summer and bumper crops all around.

happy summer to everyone everywhere.
love love love love love!



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Even grownups like to draw on the walls!


Slide show: An Ode to Farming: Images of agriculture around the world.


The poor maligned dandelion; people are so cruel to you! Here’s a great video from Dover, Ohio’s annual Dandelion Festival, which includes all sorts of delectable dandelion treats (wines, salads, fritters, cheesecake, ice cream!) plus pictures of adorable animals (via The Unusually Unusual Farmchick).


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