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This week’s links are full of doom and gloom—and a little funny for good measure.


A Deforestation-Based Diet: Seven Foods That Are Destroying the World’s Forests: It’s not just meat. Soy and corn are also big offenders.


This blog post made me laugh: Confessions of a former nonvegan. The whole blog is full of lots of funny stuff, too.


Hippies are so dangerous, didn’t you know? Police seize copies of Steampunk magazine and kombucha in raid. My favourite part of the article?

At one point a hazmat team in full protective gear was brought in to investigate a jar of kombucha tea fermenting in the basement. Madison claims a JTTF agent shook his head and said, “You guys are just a bunch of hippies!”

And one last article, which discusses poverty tourism. Apparently it’s not all about rich kids full of privilege exploiting misfortune for adventure.


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Just one quick programming note: we survived the Olympics! (cue celebratory cheers here.)

Okay, links that are only a day late… or eight days late considering I didn’t post last week. Tsk tsk.

OMG OMG OMG! ZineLibrary.info, thousands of zines READY TO PRINT. There’s a whole category just for food.

I’m seriously squealing right now. This is likely old news to many but to me, this is the coolest thing I’ve found on the Internet in years.

Seeds of Diversity Canada: “a Canadian volunteer organization that conserves the biodiversity and traditional knowledge of food crops and garden plants.” Poke around the site; there’s lots of good info for farmers, including a national seed exchange (in which some farmers take Canadian Tire money? Love this country!) and conservation news and practices.

I meant to get this link up last week as it was Seedy Saturday in Vancouver at Van Dusen Botanical Gardens on February 27. But there are lots coming up across the country; check under the “Events” tab at the far right.

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So astute readers will notice there is now a tab at the top of this here blog linking to the Farmhouse Dictionary. This is by no means the full list of words, phrases, and names heard around the Farmhouse but it’s a start. I promise semi-regular updates!

Rin was in town last night so ten of us Farmhouse and honourary Farmhouse animals made the trek up to All-India Sweets for the $11 vegetarian buffet. Every time Rin’s in town these days, all she wants to do is consume massive amounts of curry … and who are we to refuse such an indulgence? Afterward, we trekked back to the house for imbibing and music making. Then we all went to bed by 11 p.m. We might be animals and hippies, but some of us have full-time jobs!

I must get batteries for the camera as I have many things to photograph, including the state of the garden in winter, Ander’s new Farmhouse tin can marquee project, the hilarious decorations in our bathrooms, and one very ugly paint scheme that’s going to be painted over.

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So, I’m in the kitchen of the Farmhouse right now with a slowly growing group of cohorts for a night of dinner and music in celebration of the equinox and, you know, life in general. We just talked to our beloved former roomie Caterina, who’s chillin’ out in California right now. Rin’s going to visit her soon-ish and I’m extra jealous. She promised to give the Goose lots of pets for me!

All’s well in Farmhouse land. There are little plantings growing in the yard, despite the horribly unseasonable snow that seems to keep falling in our fair city. Rin planted some mushrooms today (a first for her) and a perfectly timed thunderstorm watered the patch after. I picked some chickweed and corn salad for dinner and it always amazes me that food grows out of the ground. I’m so accustom to foraging for food at the grocery store that when it comes from my own yard, I’m not quite sure what to make of it. Miracle in action, obviously.

Mmm, fennel is getting roasted and Margaret has affixed bells to her hat. I see Margaret scooping tahini and Rin is making something; she informs us that she’s just making it up as she goes along. I just show up and eat. I’m also a world-class stirrer.

Alright, it’s time that I stop being an antisocial crab and maybe play some bass? I’ve got a new (and unnamed) acoustic bass to play and many ridiculous songs to sing. Happy equinox!

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I’ve been totally bereft in my blogging duties … for shame! In order to make up for it, here are a bunch of photos from Ander.

First, the food:

Mmm, creeps … I mean, crepes. Thanks Rin!

Creamy tomato soup made by Margot.

I don’t know who made these but I want to eat about a million of them.

A tasty plate of Rin’s rolls.

Now, the garden:


Aren’t the fava beans amazing?

Peas please!

Picking the garden abundance should always be done in gumboots.

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Pre-yard sale:

During yard sale (including some hot legs in hot shoes!):

Obligatory food pictures:

Some more candid shots:

All photos courtesy of Ander.

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Yes! Margot comes through with the first round of pictures (plus one from Ander):


Tasty cake and tasty cake photo courtesy of Margot.

kale in our garden.KALE! Photo courtesy of Margot.

rad-ish.Rad-ish? Photo courtesy of Margot.

In our house, pancakes are called \In our house, we refer to pancakes as “pandas” and these potato pandas were darn delicious. We actually have a whole Farmhouse language here; yes, a Farmhouse dictionary is forthcoming :)

Photo courtesy of Ander.

More pics to come, including some from Farmhouse Next Top Model.

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