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Hey all. Just a quick post to say Happy June – summer is officially in sight! It’s promising to be a splendid (and busy!) month around Ye Olde Farmhouse. Rin’s started her weekly garden deliveries – we were all drooling as she was packing up yesterday. Margot and I have rooms to paint and I have zines to make, concerts to see, all sorts of good stuff. I’d like to fit some music making in there somewhere, too.

There are pictures floating around the house, which I will try to entrap and place here for future consumption. I’ve just been lazy and not uploaded the images from my camera on to my computer in about a week!

Here’s the latest word from Caterina, who arrived safe and sound on June 1 in the States:

“Hello from Lummi Island USA!!!

Hello I made it to the homeland safe and sound! I am on beautiful Lummi Island off the coast of Bellingham! It is beautiful and the town is only pop. 816.

I’ll be here for 2 weeks and then heading down the coast.

The farm here is great and the Goose is in animal heaven.

Life is good! Thank you Universe!

With love,


Now if I can just get her to send me some pictures for the blog … maybe I could bribe her with some Melrose Place DVDs?


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