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This is the yard after this weekend. Still a work in progress but the foundation has been laid.

Anyone down for another work party this weekend?

UPDATE FROM MAX: Vancouver Councillor Kerry Jang dropped by because his office has been getting a huge volume of calls about the yarden. He seems very sympathetic and in support. He gave me some business cards to pass on if you guys want to talk to him.

It’s working, it’s working!


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Yes! Margot comes through with the first round of pictures (plus one from Ander):


Tasty cake and tasty cake photo courtesy of Margot.

kale in our garden.KALE! Photo courtesy of Margot.

rad-ish.Rad-ish? Photo courtesy of Margot.

In our house, pancakes are called \In our house, we refer to pancakes as “pandas” and these potato pandas were darn delicious. We actually have a whole Farmhouse language here; yes, a Farmhouse dictionary is forthcoming :)

Photo courtesy of Ander.

More pics to come, including some from Farmhouse Next Top Model.

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