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Beans are looking happy happy.Greetings Farmhouse Family!

As the days get longer and the garden starts growing, the time has come for the official launch of the Farmhouse Farm home delivery program! From our little urban yard, we are exploring how we can build a local food and economic system that keeps the abundance within our community.

I’ll be doing a weekly delivery — bike delivered, no fossil fuels required :) It will be a selection of what I’m growing at the time, focussing on things to be eaten fresh. I can guarantee that you’ll always have salad, edible flowers, fresh herbs, and hard greens like kale, cabbage, mustard, etc. The rest will be a selection of veggies that can be enjoyed cooked or not, trying to get the greatest variety possible in each season. We’ll start in June with several varieties of radishes, beets, baby carrots, snap peas and shelling peas, and as the summer progresses we’ll see fava beans, pole beans, tomatoes, summer squashes, fennel, watercress, and into the fall our winter squashes and full-season cabbages, root crops, and cool season beans and peas. I’ll also be including seasonal wildcrafted items as they become available, especially blackberries! Lastly, each box will also have a special surprise that will be different each time, but always organic, wheat-free, vegan, and made with love. It might be cookies, jam, preserves, sauces, home-made bread… who knows what the gods of abundance will provide!

The charge is $35.00 per week, June 1st to Hallowe’en, That works out to just $600 a year to keep you in fresh organic veggies, as local as it gets without getting the dirt under your nails! In addition, we’ll also be doing periodic market days during the low season, and I’m hoping by next year to be able to offer the box eight months of the year.

There are 3 boxes left that are yet to be claimed, so if you’re interested drop me a line. I’m also totally open to folks splitting a box and having the delivery split between two houses on alternating weeks or any other arrangement that makes it work for everyone — let’s get creative!!

Questions and ideas are welcome. Can’t wait to hear from you!

love and light,

Email farmhousefarm [at] gmail [dot] com for more information or to sign up.


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