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Part of the original “Core Four” at the Farmhouse, our lovely and dear roommate Caterina has been an integral part of the Vancouver experience for a lot of us. Without a doubt, she is the mean old sister that the rest of us never had but always wanted!

She’s a gifted linguist, coming up with new words for the Farmhouse lexicon on an hourly basis. Beware if she bestows a nickname upon you, for Caterina monikers stick for life. She’s also amazing when it comes to collage art and food styling, bringing beauty to things that might otherwise be unremarkable.

No matter how blue you might be feeling, one quick phone call to the Farmhouse’s voice mail and you will hear Caterina reminding you of just how beautiful you are. She’s always got good advice and a shoulder to cry on, and is quick to bake up tiny pies and bring tea when you’re sick.

While she might appear to be a hippie to the untrained eye, those who know her well know of her love of pop culture and trashy TV. Indeed, she’s the one who got me irrevocably hooked on Melrose Place (I haven’t been the same since) and, like all good children born in the early 1980s, speaks in fluent Simpsons quotes. She refuses to read non-fiction or watch documentaries, preferring ’90s melodrama and spaceships.

This is bit of a sad post to be making since Caterina and the Goose are leaving the Farmhouse this week for the States, leaving me as the only water sign in the house. It’s definitely going to take some time to adjust to her absence; thankfully, Margot has promised to start watching Melrose Place with me. As with everything in life, her move should be only temporary; hopefully we’ll see our Caterina again soon.

It’s funny; she’s actually been trying to leave the Farmhouse for three days and each day I come home and she’s still hanging out, watching Voyager with the roomies. All visitors: take this as a serious warning about the dangers of the enveloping, loving place I’m fortunate enough to call home. Once you’re here, you might find it near-impossible to leave!


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This is our resident jerk, I mean, pooch, the Goose.

The Goose, posing all pretty.

The question is am I’m too lazy to fix the red eye in that picture

or is the Goose is actually evil?

The Goose, also known as Goose and Nico-dog, is a total thug. Every morning she thumps upstairs, bashing the door open like she owns the place. She’s absolutely the worst roommate in the world: she doesn’t earn any money, spends all day sleeping on beds that aren’t hers, steals, and expects to be waited on hand and foot. If you stop petting her and she’s not done being pet, she hits you in the elbow with her nose. She begs and drools any time you are eating anything. In short, she is awful.

Hey, the camera's that way!

Goose isn’t really camera shy; she’s actually a total diva.

Goose always manages to fool new people into thinking she’s hard done by – that her owner doesn’t love her and that we never pay any attention to her. It’s not true; she’s just getting you soft so she can mess with your stuff. For example, the first week I lived at the Farmhouse, I was going through my suitcase and found a punctured bag of quinoa in amongst my clothes. Bewildered, I asked my roommates, who laughed and told me it was the dog. She also likes to steal carrots and bury disgusting moldy food in the backyard.

Often she is bad for attention – negative attention is better than no attention, right? Badness includes digging in the garden, running off when on a walk, sneaking out of the yard, ripping up at least three blankets, and – my favourite – “getting trashed,” whereby she digs into the trash looking for goodies. Lots of times we only see the aftermath of her acting out; she always feels really guilty after she’s misbehaved, so she’ll shiver and look shifty and you’ll have to scour the house to find the damage. However, last night we caught her in the act …

Goose is such a brat.

Goose, after getting trashed in the bathroom. Photo courtesy of Margot.

Oh, you silly Goose. What would you have done if your mom wasn’t around to save you from the plastic garbage can lid? What if you were home alone for hours? What would you have done then?

We laughed so hard and Goose tried to be all cool about it. She sort of strolled through the kitchen and finally slunk down under the kitchen table.

Such a bad animal

Goose hides her shame under the kitchen table. Photo courtesy of Margot.

We still love the Goose to bits, even when she’s bad.

Sadly, Goose and her mom will be leaving the Farmhouse for their homeland soon, leaving just four Farmhouse animals. We are debating the idea of getting a new Farmhouse pooch since, honestly, the house just doesn’t feel right without a dog in it. However, nothing has been decided yet. I don’t think we’ll go looking for a new pooch; much like our other travelers, I’m sure a dog will just show up, sleep on our couch, eat our food, break our dishes, and leave a mess.

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