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So, whilst conducting my semi-annual room clean last night, I came across a gem of a project that Rin, Caterina, and I started three years ago: The Farmhouse Dictionary, a compendium of all the words, phrases, and nicknames commonly used around the house. Most of them are slang terms from Caterina but we’ve all contributed a little.

I swear to the house fairies that I will get this typed up and posted in the next week. There is definitely some comedy gold in there!

Fun non-dictionary-related fact: Between the four roommates who enjoy adult beverages, we can ring up a $74 bar tab in one night. Tsk tsk. So now we’re crafting a plan to brew our own ale! Our last roommate was a brewer and she made some delicious home brew. We just need some equipment and a reliable source of hops …

Rin made some delicious (but sludgy) blackberry mead before she left and we were gonna drink it on the Winter Solstice but someone (*cough* Max *cough*) may have drank it before we got a chance.

What else is on the Farmhouse’s future agenda? Chickens!


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