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R.I.P. Kiko

Our beloved Kiko passed away last night. He was 15.


Kiko and Max enjoy some snuggle time.


Part cat, part demon? Nah, just a big suck.


What? You can't open your own cans of food? Get some thumb, kitten-pants!


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RIP The Goose

After digging into the bathroom garbage can, Goose finds herself in a bit of a predicament.

After digging into the bathroom garbage can, Goose finds herself in a bit of a predicament.

So, I haven’t written about this yet because, frankly, it makes me want to cry whenever I think about it, but I think it’s finally time.

The Goose, also known as Nico-dog, passed away in May 2009. She was 11? You might remember the tales of our baddington—how she liked to steal food and hide it places, or how she enjoyed nothing quite as much as going through the garbage, or how she destroyed three of my blankets in as many months.

But the Goose was a true friend, an awesome traveling companion, and all-around badass. You couldn’t have asked for a better, more hilarious dog with whom to live. I gotta admit, I hated dogs when I first moved into the Farmhouse (I’m definitely one of those crazy cat people) but the Goose won me over, slowly but surely. I’m pretty sure I was caught giving her pats on more than one occasion.

The Goose had lived a good, long life but she’d finally reached her end. Caterina called from Cali to let us know when it happened. I want to say that she got sick and Caterina had to put her down but I honestly can’t remember what actually happened. All I heard was Rin telling me “Goose” and “died”; everything else I blocked out.

Oh, little Goosington. We miss you!


In other news:

There is so much to tell you about the house; it’s been a pretty exciting summer, let me tell you. The garden is so full of abundance that I don’t know where to start. So I won’t. I’ll wait until I can get my act together and post proper pictures of our garden … and our two very special visitors!

Yeah, that’s kind of a tease. That’s just the kind of animal I am.

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