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From the Georgia Straight:

What if you woke up one day and found that the world as you knew it had ceased to exist? It’s a thought that has probably crossed the minds of many and perhaps been quickly dismissed by most as silly.

For Brennan Wauters, this prospect is real. That’s why he’s preparing for what he describes as a “collapse”.

From Wauters’s perspective, the game changer is peak oil. He believes that in the past five years, the world has reached the point of maximum production of oil, and that the supply of this fuel source is on the decline. One day, the pumps may run dry.

But the 42-year-old Vancouver man is not the type to hunker in a bunker. He isn’t storing food, buying gold, or stocking up on weapons to survive in a post-oil world.

“I’m more a survivalist in the sense that I think we have to be psychologically prepared,” Wauters said. “I concentrate on being able to do things with as little as possible. It’s also an exercise to me, like there’s many things that I could just go to the store for. But I deliberately take a harder route just to test my own capabilities, to give me confidence that whatever happens, everything will be fine.”

Read the whole article here.


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It’s about friggin’ time: Metro Vancouver’s Tap Map app shows iPhone users the closest water fountains

The free app takes your location and shows you sources of tap water in the vicinity.

These sources include 550 public drinking fountains across the region.

Metro Vancouver is also encouraging restaurants and others businesses that are willing to refill people’s water bottles to add themselves to the map.

Here’s the Web-based version for those of us lacking fancy tech gadgets, too.

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No offense, but am I the only one who isn’t surprised that a whale died? Like, is there any sort of surprise that humans can’t take care of these mammals? My outrage is solely because we still keep these creatures in aquariums as spectacle. You think it would have gotten a penny lodged in its blowhole if it wasn’t in captivity?

Poor whales.

And humans? We’re the worst.

Hmm, this week is turning into “Let’s shit on Vancouver” week. I wonder what I’ll come up with tomorrow …

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The Vancouver Sun‘s got a great new database of the salaries of private and public sector employees across the province. Most of these numbers truly disgust me.

Just in case anyone’s curious, Mrs. Carlene Robbins from the Property Use Inspection branch at City Hall got paid $98,076 last year. And that’s down 7.2 percent from her 2007 salary of $105,690.

Of course, that pales in comparison to the city manager, who made an appalling $568,448.

Stay classy, City of Vancouver.

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Sorry for missing last week’s update, cats and kittens. Sometimes there are just not enough hours in the week for me to get everything done! But to make it up to you, you get two super-double-plus-awesome posts today.


I sat down for a brainstorm with the housemates the other day (okay, it was like two weeks ago) about just what’s been going on at the Farmhouse. Here’s the latest from the team:


  • the potatoes are getting huge … they sprouted in the pantry over the winter
  • Ander and Sara built a new trellis with peas in the back
  • drying kale for seed
  • lots of sprouts in the greenhouse
  • there’s a new container garden on the patio (it’s so amazing, need pictures!)
  • planted corn, squash, and beets along the side fence
  • lots of cut flowers for the house
  • borage and touch-me-nots are sprouting everywhere there’s bare soil
  • seriously, if you want a borage plant, let us know
  • Sara developed a kickass recipe for hot sauce based on things in our garden (TOP SECRET)
  • parsnips are ready to be harvested
  • mint is recovering after being transplanted (I did that!)
  • there’s a new dish line on the counter made of two kinds of tape … if the dishes cross it, you wash the dishes … if it’s not kept to Max’s standards, then he’ll take away the nice pots; if we keep it up, Max will make tasty treats
  • lots of group eatings, including impromptu brunch one lovely Saturday and a house dinner yesterday
  • quinoa and lentils sprouting right now
  • discussed the correct pronounciation of quinoa (which, in the Farmhouse, is kee-NO-wah)
  • harvested the burdock root … it’s surprisingly tasty according to the roomies, “sort of artichoke-y”
  • scavenged some stuff from a house that was torn down on our block, including an old-school oven that Sara’s going to convert into an outdoor cooking surface


Yeah, life at the Farmhouse is kicking ass and taking names.


This week in the links, MAIN STREET CAR FREE DAY! It’s one of several car-free events happening in Vancouver on June 20, but it’s the closest one to our house. They’ll be shutting down Main from 33rd to 16th from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. The organizers are still looking for volunteers so if you’ve nothing else to do on Father’s Day, consider helping out a good cause.


Great news out of California: the state assembly has voted to ban single-use plastic bags in retail stores! It’s not officially law yet until it’s passed by the state Senate, but it’s looking like a done deal. California currently uses 19 BILLION single-use plastic bags each year. San Francisco has been plastic-bag-free since 2007.

In light of the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster—now the worst in U.S. history (if not the world)—I’ll take any eco-friendly victory I can get.

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Hola from the Farmhouse! Sorry I’ve been behind (again) but so goes the life of an itinerant hippie. I am also behind on sleep, although I had probably the best sleep in a week last night thanks to a long-forgotten bottle of melatonin. Man that stuff leaves me with some messed-up dreams.


What can I share with you today? The latest in the Vancouver chicken drama! (Vancouver city council approved the motion last night.)

Vancouver’s first fully legal backyard chicken eggs could be in frying pans as early as June.

City staff are preparing to take registrations from would-be egg farmers as soon as council approves enabling bylaw changes expected June 1. The move is a tangible result of the city’s evolving food security policy.

“After that people will be able to register their hens,” said Tom Hammel, the city’s deputy chief license inspector. “We are working on a website to give people instruction on how to build their enclosures.”

Mmmm, fresh eggs. Too bad we can’t participate in the chicken-ocracy. I’m sure the neighbours would protest. No, I know the neighbours would protest. Going from messy garden to chickens? Especially with all the misinformation out there about avian flu, it’s just too much of a headache for me to want to deal with.

Interested in raising your own chickens? Check out Chickens in Vancouver.


Also check out this video about guerrilla gardening in Vancouver by David Henderson-Hean, which came in first place at the 5 Minutes to Change Your World competition.

I’ve tried embedding the video but because I’m still a bit stupid when it comes to the Internet, I can’t make it work (that’s what she said). Please take the time to watch it, though. It’s quite wonderful.


Okay, and one more quick one that is near and dear to my heart. Want to show your support for Marc Emery? Check out the Free Marc Emery page about upcoming rallies and protest actions.

I don’t want to turn this into a debate about what kind of guy Marc is. No matter how you feel about the man personally, you’ve got to respect and appreciate his place in this crazy marijuana movement. His extradition is entirely political—the DEA admitted that as far back as 2006—and it sickens me that Canada would extradite someone to a country for a crime that amounts to a $200 fine here.

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Hola, blogoverse! I haven’t forgotten about you, I swear. But even the most intrepid Internet user needs to take a break sometimes (and this weekend was far too nice to spend inside!).

The dirt is gone, the door is clear! I have the best roomies ever!


This week on the Tuesday links docket? A lot of events!


The annual IGNITE! Youth Festival is happening this month from May 17 to 22! This is Vancouver’s largest youth-driven arts festival, featuring music, dance, theatre, and visual arts from individuals between the ages of 13 and 24. Our intrepid Ander sits on the youth panel and will be there every night so stop by and say hi!

Here’s the link to the Facebook event listing, so add it to your calendar. Seriously. Do it now. I’ll wait for you to come back.


What else should you be getting up to this week? Farmhouse open house on Saturday, May 15 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. We’re looking for the Farmhouse’s Next Top Roommate (ad is HERE: Farmhouse Seeks Dirty Hippies!) so please come by and check out our house or pass on the ad to some dirty hippies you might know!


After you stop by the Farmhouse on Saturday, you should make your way over to the Grandview Park block party! The park is located on Commercial Drive, and a group calling itself “Friends of Grandview Park” (and supported by the local business improvement association) is looking to have the park redeveloped (closing it down from July 2010 until at least March 2011). Among the groups’ complaints? The park attracts “non-families” who tend to loiter along with hard drug dealers, protesters, and, most scandalously, children who are learning to ride bicycles and bicycle polo players (They use the tennis court for that! HOW DARE THEY!).

However, a group of park users disagrees with this assessment, saying that the “Friends” of the park are contributing to the gentrification of the neighbourhood as well as discriminating against the homeless and “non-families” (what the hell does that even mean???).

Read all about it at the Defend Grandview Park blog.


And since this blog’s all about shameless self-promotion, yours truly will be opening for the fantastically wonderful Jackie Treehorn on May 12 (that’s tomorrow) at Nyala Restaurant (4148 Main Street). They’re smutty, soulful, and always put on a good show. I’m smarmy, break strings, and sometimes even funny.

With that RINGING ENDORSEMENT, I hope to see your lovely faces there! Bring your dancing shoes and buy me a beer :)

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