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Pre-yard sale:

During yard sale (including some hot legs in hot shoes!):

Obligatory food pictures:

Some more candid shots:

All photos courtesy of Ander.


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This week has been a contrast, weather-wise. On Tuesday, we were definitely in rainy day Farmhouse mode – all of us had the day off, so we sort of wandered from room to room, not quite sure what to do with ourselves. We’d all made plans for the day but the rain was just completely discouraging so we ended up spending most of the day in the kitchen, colouring pictures and eating.

Thursday and Friday, however, were absolutely perfect. I finally managed to get in a day down at Wreck Beach, although the omnipresent police officers were not much of a highlight. The water was cold but there was no way I was taking the hour bus trip to UBC not to splash in the water!

Also this week, Caterina and I put our warpaint on and went dumpster hunting.
ready for the hunt

Our reasoning is that if a security guard sees our face paint, he or she can’t help but be amused with our antics and let us go (wouldn’t you?).

Ander, who took our picture, said, “Look intense! Look fierce!”, which Caterina captured perfectly. However, I had just finished watching two episodes of America’s Next Top Model, so my intensity is all in the eyes.

The dumpster that we went to (good dumpster grounds are highly-regarded secrets) ended up being pretty empty and there was already another diver there who’d gone through and scored whatever was available. However, he was a complete angel and split his haul with us, taking food out of his pack to share.

We are truly, truly blessed.

Today we had a yard sale – not in our yard, which is growing so much every day (I’ll post pictures as soon as I can find Margot and her many cameras!) – but down the street at a friend’s (we are slowly convincing all our friends and loved ones to move to South Vancouver, which is obviously the coolest part of the city). Ever the professionals, we started making signs about 20 minutes before we opened and spent most of the day chasing the dog around, chatting up our neighbours, and relaxing on the back porch.

Tomorrow, we’re going to have a free sale (in hopes of getting rid of all the stuff that didn’t go today), then put whatever doesn’t “sell” into the alley until Tuesday, although that’s no guarantee it’ll go either. A friend recounted a story for us today about these four fairly-new tires he had but he couldn’t use, so he stuck them in his back lane with a sign that read “FREE”. The tires sat there for a month and a half. Then he put up a sign that read “$20!” and they were gone in a week. Are people just naturally distrusting of items to which people won’t attach a dollar value?

Then again, we’ve been burned by free stuff lots before. I always find myself playing the game, “Why Was It Free?” whether I want to or not! This game often strikes with clothing at our house. You’ll find a great skirt in the Free Box with nothing obviously wrong with it, but you’ll put it on and the zipper’s busted, or there’s a stain that won’t come out, or it bunches up when you walk.

With that in mind, free sale this Sunday down the street from the Farmhouse! Lots of adorable clothes! Old economics textbooks, bike frames, and a coffee maker which may or may not work.

Alright, I think it’s time to curl up in my nice, cool basement room and rub some nice, cool aloe on my very sunburnt shoulders. There are definitely yard sale photos to come (everyone had lots of fun dressing up with our hippie gear) but it seems Ander and his camera have disappeared as well …

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