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Hey, the Farmhouse isn’t alone in unfair persecution by city officials!

What constitutes a “natural” garden to the City of Toronto?

Grass, apparently. Just grass. Plus, perhaps a few flowers. But certainly not vegetables.

That’s what Sylvie and Vic Oliveira discovered this summer after they turned their Bloor West Village front yard into a vegetable garden.

Read the whole story here: The real dirt: City squashes front yard veggie plot


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Oh, poor plastic bag. Your life is so difficult. Look out for that dog!

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Buh-bye, Farmhouse. I’m moving out at the end of the month, the last of the Core Four to depart your hallowed walls. It’s been a long time—four years, pretty much the sum total of the time I’ve lived in Vancouver.

Now the question is: what happens to the blog?

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The Vancouver Sun‘s got a great new database of the salaries of private and public sector employees across the province. Most of these numbers truly disgust me.

Just in case anyone’s curious, Mrs. Carlene Robbins from the Property Use Inspection branch at City Hall got paid $98,076 last year. And that’s down 7.2 percent from her 2007 salary of $105,690.

Of course, that pales in comparison to the city manager, who made an appalling $568,448.

Stay classy, City of Vancouver.

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